​I Specialize in Helping Customers Successfully Meet Their Project Deadlines Without Compromising Their Budgets !!!!

BOTTOM LINE:  I can definitely help you keep more of your own money when it comes to dealing with ALL of your Plant Automation Systems' technical support needs.

​​​Where else can you pay a regular hourly rate for work that can only be carried out during weekends... ? 

All of my rates have been designed to provide you with the least expensive way to fully implement your projects and meet their deadlines—without compromising quality and/or system performance.  Plus, I always utilize the highest quality materials with superior design and workmanship to produce the results you need to not only stay within budget, but also to keep your business running and competitive.

​In addition, all Project-Related Paperwork Processing is invoiced at only half the normal rate along with Test Product and Equipment Availability waits.  In other words, only the time spent implementing an actual solution is billed at the regular applicable rate.

Even better, all Travel-Related Expenses are always invoiced at cost with travel time billed at half of the regular applicable rate.

Regardless of your project size, I can definitely save you time and money—not to mention help you avoid potential embarrassments and/or headaches—when you utilize my services, whether it's to carry out a small repair job or to select, design, install, maintain, and/or upgrade a very complex factory automation system.


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